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St. John’s, NL – October 2, 2011 – The Once first started talking about their new album being released this week at the East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown in April. After all the awards for their self-titled debut album, this 2nd album is highly anticipated and “Row Upon Row Of The People They Know” as “breathtaking.” The group features Geraldine Hollett on lead vocals and vocalists/instrumentalists Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale playing a variety of instruments. We reached Geraldine Hollett in St. John's just as The Once were preparing for the first of many shows.



The Once - Geraldine Hollett interview on CD “Row Upon Row Of The People They Know” by eastcoastkitchenparty



The first album was selected as Traditional Album of the Year and the group selected as New/Emerging Artist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2010. There has also been 4 Music Newfoundland and Labrador Awards and at the East Coast Music Awards they won 2011 Group Recording of the Year where our cameras were on hand to record their reaction immediately afterward.





The title of the new album comes from a poem by George Murray, a poem that so inspired the group they built a song around it. Song For Memory speaks of the power of words and music to freeze time and emotions, to make small moments large, and large moments intimate. The production has been kept simple, relying instead on the power of their voices and acoustic instruments. A new video has been released. Enjoy "You're My Best Friend" from the album.



The Once - You're My Best Friend (Music Video) from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.



The Once spent the summer playing Canada’s major folk festivals and are just back from the UK and Ireland. To quote band member Phil Churchill: “Row Upon Row of the People They Know is made of pieces of the three of us as individuals over kitchen tables full of tea and happiness and pressure and frustration. It’s each of us putting ourselves out there in front of each other like we’ve never done. It’s the first step towards becoming the band we want to be rather than the band we’re expected to be.”


The Once will be touring across Canada this fall beginning with the launch of the new album in Toronto October 12th at Hugh’s Room.



Row Upon Row of the People They Know - Track Listing


Cradle Hill
Jack The Sailor
You're My Best Friend
My Husband's Got No Courage
Valley Of Kilbride
By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light
A Round Again
Ode To A Broken Heart
Song For Memory



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