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Sackville, NB – February 19, 2013 – It’s been two years of heavy touring, across Canada, through the US, and Europe, since the release of the acclaimed, Polaris-prize long-listed, Transistor Sister (YC-009, 2011). In that time Shotgun Jimmie also contributed lead guitar to John K Samson’s Provincial album, and toured in the all-star Provincial band. Now he is ready to release Everything, Everything.


Joel Plaskett says “Shotgun Jimmie is one of my favorite songwriters these days. He sounds like Jonathan Richman jamming with Eric’s Trip at Wes Anderson’s house.”


The first single from the album is “Standing in a Line” and available from our Soundcloud file


Jimmie recorded in a cabin on the banks of Lake Clementi, Manitoba with a suitcase full of songs and his trusty old four-track. He spent a lot of time shoveling snow.

Jimmy wrote in his blog “I recorded it myself and play most of the instruments with the exception of a few guest star cameos by Julie Doiron, John Kilpatrick, Cole Woods, and Leanne Zacharias. Paul Henderson and Jon Claytor did a wonderful job with the artwork and the first 500 copies are on clear vinyl. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”





Jimmie Shotgun

Everything, Everything

01. Standing in a Line
02. Big Sur
03. Growing Like a Garden
04. Adventure in the Heart
05. Last Night
06. Carry On
07. Sum of My Parts
08. 3212
09. Ladyhawk
10. North!
11. Skype Date
12. Bridge Street Stage
13. Over a Million
14. Proud Champions
15. I Will Climb Mountains



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