Naming The Twins “Drifters & Dreamers” A Real Gem from Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser



Naming The Twins

Naming The Twins - Robbie Smith & Kathleen Glauser




Shelburne, NS – August 20, 2013 – The new release from Naming The Twins demonstrates a real growth from their 2010 release “Sweet Transitions.” That’s not surprising since Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser only began singing together in 2008. There is a real confidence in their new album that paints pictures with the words and music.


You can tell they spent a lot of time on nailing down the details of this release right down to the classic GMC truck on the cover of the CD. All the words and music are from Robbie Smith except for “Hampden Whaler” and “Tall Ships”, by Anne Smith and Robbie Smith and “The Streetsweeper” by Robert S. Smith.



The album was co-produced by Alex Buchanan of HarbourTone Productions and engineered by Buchanan with assistance from Jude Pelley of Alone Stone Productions. Musicians Judy Pelley, Alex Buchanan, Chris Churchill and vocalists Shelly Roli, Nigel, George, Jude and Alex “added their layers of joy to the music.” “Tall Ships” captures the depth of talent that helped out with the reording. We’re streaming it on our Soundcloud file.





Robbie met Kathleen at a restaurant. He struck up a few musical conversations with Kath and when he heard her sing noticed her natural great sense of harmony and timing. Their first gig was a birthday celebration in the restaurant. A lot of hard work followed and created this gem of album for their second release. It was recently named CD of the Week on The Midnight Special, one of the longest running folk music shows broadcast on broadcast on WFMT, in Chicago.



Naming The Twins

Drifters & Dreamers – Track Listing


Skippers & Mates
Sweetly Weak
Adventure Ring 1
Lonesome Valley
Huckleberry Finn
AdventureRing 2
The Hampden Whaler
The Streetsweeper
Tall Ships
Sad Solider Boy
The Coming of the Loyalists
Truly Home
Adventure Ring 3



Photo Credit: Lisa Buchanan





Naming The Twins