April Wine Cofounder Jim Henman Delivers Solid Recording with Same Old Feeling



Jim Henman




Halifax, NS – February 17, 2013 – A founding member of April Wine is back with a solo CD. Jim Henman is proving once again why he earned a JUNO Award and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Based in Halifax for years now, Jim always kept busy in music in some form but says he just recently found the time to work with industry colleagues to record and release “Same Old Feeling.” An excerpt of our interview (about five minutes) is available from the Soundcloud file.


Jim officially re-emerged onto the East Coast music scene in the 90s, co-writing and co-producing the album,” More Than My Share” for Cape Breton singer, Jeannie Beks. He also co-wrote the music for “Death the Musical”, a stage production performed both at Halifax’s Neptune Theatre and in French, at Théâtre Génération in Montréal. This musical score was later released on CD. In addition to writing and producing, Jim also began performing in songwriters’ circles throughout Nova Scotia, alongside artists such as Terry Kelly, Laura Smith and Cheryl Gaudet.





Despite the mainstream success of April Wine, Jim’s contribution to the band can hardly be deemed his greatest musical accomplishment. Over the passed thirty years, Jim has dedicated his passion, enthusiasm and expertise to numerous projects, much of which hold special meaning in his life. One such project, “Night to Remember”, was a musical event (held annually for four years) that Jim co-produced along with Halifax entrepreneur Joe Graves , in support of recovery homes for men and women in Halifax. Our Soundcloud file is streaming the album title track, “Same Old Feeling.”




Track Listing

Slow Down

You Can Have My Heart

Same Old Feeling

Could Be Heaven

That's the Way

That's All I Got

Walk Right In

I Don't Have No Blues

Shame Shame Boogie



Jim Henmen Tour Dates


Two of Canada's April Wine co-founders, will take the stage together at The Free Times Cafe for an intimate acoustic set on November 29th (6:45pm-8:15pm). David and Jim Henman are both Juno Hall of Fame and Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame inductees. This will be their first time in over 40 years, sharing a stage. Both have released solo projects in the last two years, and are coming together for an evening of presented musical experience.




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