Cape Breton's Drake Jensen "Coming Out" In The Wake of Teen Suicide






Kanata, ON – January 24, 2012 – Country Music singer Drake Jensen has announced he’s gay and one of the reasons that prompted him to go public was the recent suicide of teenager Jamie Hubley. Drake is originally from Cape Breton and in a very open way has expressed how the taunting Jamie Hubley suffered through in high school was the same that victimized him years ago.


Jamie was the son of Ottawa City Councilor Alan Hubley, who is formally from Nova Scotia and represents Kanata where the school is located. In what can only be explained as an ironic twist of fate, the two sons of East Coast Kitchen Party Publisher Michael Trenholm, previously attended A. Y. Jackson in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa. The two met in front of the high school where they discussed Jamie’s suicide, his decision to go public, and the work Drake has undertaken to support anti-bullying campaigns.





Jamie publically documented the bullying he was subjected to at school on a blog and videos that emerged in the wake of his death. He struggled with depression in trying to survive the verbal abuse he received because he was openly gay in school. Jamie was only 15 years old when he took his own life. The tragedy immediately put scrutiny on school systems to do more.


For Drake Jensen, the decision to dedicate his video “On My Way to Finding You” to Jamie Hubley provided an opportunity to set an example for others in Jamie’s position and provide some hope. This also represents one the first gay country music videos ever produced.





Drake also feels a compelling sense of duty and obligation to the pioneers, not just of gay rights, but all facets of human rights, that fought hard and paved the way for those who followed to be who they are and live their lives to the fullest. Drake has teamed up with to promote their services and help save young lives.


Drake has been invited to the East Coast Music Awards in Moncton for a Showcase performance in April 2012.




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